Dream Catchers

Legend of the Dream Catcher With the Power of the Crystal

Legend states that dreams are messages from sacred spirits. It is said that the hole in the center of the web allows the good dreams through while bad dreams are trapped in the web until they disappear in the morning light. Dream Catchers are believed to bless the ‘sleeping one’ with pleasant dreams, good luck and harmony throughout life. Dream Catchers are also believed to help the ‘daydreamers’ focus and act on creative thoughts. This dream catcher combines the power of the crystal with the legend of the dream catcher. As the good dreams pass through the crystal, the prism disperses life-enhancing movement of energy and fills the room with beautiful rainbows, adding the warmth and feelings of good health.

Our Dream Catchers are crafted from wild grapevines, woven with natural hemp and decorated with ornamental beads, wild turkey feathers and Austrian Swarovski crystals. When hung in a southern exposure over a heat vent, the crystal with fill the room with a carousel of rainbows. Custom Dream Catchers can be ordered to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions.

Each Dream Catcher is unique and it is our hope that customers order their items with personal preferences. Please email Mountain Michael D for a quote on a custom Dream Catcher.

Dream Catchers start at $14.95, custom pieces may cost more.